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Very nice collection of minigames. There's a lot to play and all of them are pretty good, they have that basic look to them, which I guess suits this game. Most of the games were easy, but at least 11 and 12 were very hard and 23 was pretty tricky too. In 12, there seemed to be a bug, where the ball would disappear sometimes around the centre after respawning.

I'd like to invite your game to take part in this year's Game Development World Championship!

Thanks for the feedback, we are a tiny development team of two people and this really helps us out. We'll get on to the bug with level 12 ASAP and roll out a fix soon. We might just enrol our game in the GDWC, could be fun, thanks for the invite!

Kind regards,

Okay, that sounds great then, thanks for considering joining too!