Codewords Infinite is an addictive word based puzzle game with a slick user interface and infinite replay value.

You are given a grid containing words. The letters that make up the words are replaced by numbers 1-26. Your goal is to figure out which letter is associated with each number in order to uncover the words in the grid. By default, a few starting letters are given to you to get you going.

Every puzzle is unique and generated by the game. Each puzzle is different from the last and you never run out.

The dictionary is vast and extensive. It contains just the right balance of easy and challenging words.

Intuitive interface and responsive controls.

Multiple skill levels and customisation options including user defined grid size for all types of display.

If you're stuck, you can reveal an extra letter, or start a new puzzle at any time.

Expert players can go for a perfect game, you can achieve this by making no mistakes and revealing no extra letters.

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